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New Community Coalition shared BrightVibes's We're richer when we share. ...

Like a book library... but then for things. As simple as it is brilliant. Share if you agree we're richer when we share. Learn more about Toronto Tool Library

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A great event to join! Thanks Habitat for Humanity for housing those who you do!!!! Every action counts! ...

CBA Habitat Annual Kickball Tournament!

July 22, 2017, 10:00am - July 22, 2017, 3:00pm

Kick it with Coos Bay Area Habitat for Humanity this summer! Join us for our second annual Kickball Tournament and silent auction, and have fun helping us raise money to support our homebuilding and critical home repair programs! Registration costs: Teams of 9 - $300 Individuals - $35 Sponsorship opportunities at the $500, $750, and $1000 level are also available - sponsorship covers team fees and includes various promotion depending on sponsor level. Donations for our silent auction (and volunteers to help with the silent auction) are also welcome! Must be 18 and older to participate in the tournament, but we'll have other activities for kids of all ages. Call Jesse at the ReStore (541-756-1600) or email coosbayrestore@gmail.com to register, sign up for sponsorship, or for more information. Last year's tournament was a big success and we know this year's will be even better! Space is limited so register TODAY and join us in July for a fun day of "home" runs for our community!

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New Community Coalition shared MTV's Decoded: 5 Poverty Myths Debunked ft. The Liberal Redneck. ...

Franchesca "Chescaleigh" Ramsey busts 5 common myths about poverty. Want to know how to use your class privilege to help others? Head to Look Different: lookdifferentmtv.tumblr.com/post/124153954075/5-ways-to-use-your-class-privilege-to-help-others Special Thanks to: Trae Crowder, The Liberal Redneck Facebook: www.facebook.com/traecrowder/ YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCTHsQd-vRXK1bp4vpifl6yA Twitter: twitter.com/traecrowder?lang=en And Check to See if Trae is Coming to a City Near You: wellredcomedy.com Franchesca Ramsey: twitter.com/chescaleigh Brought to you with love by: mtvother.com Produced by: www.kornhaberbrown.com Episode Written By: Zeba Blay twitter.com/zblay GFX By Noelle Smith: www.noellesmithdesign.com/ Sources: Myth 1: www.epi.org/publication/poor-people-work-a-majority-of-poor-people-who-can-work-do/ www.usatoday.com/story/money/2016/10/17/job-juggle-real-many-americans-balancing-two-even-three-g... www.epi.org/productivity-pay-gap/ www.epi.org/publication/poor-people-work-a-majority-of-poor-people-who-can-work-do/ Myth 2: thinkprogress.org/what-7-states-discovered-after-spending-more-than-1-million-drug-testing-welfar... thinkprogress.org/congresswoman-who-used-to-receive-welfare-wants-to-drug-test-rich-people-who-ge... www.infoplease.com/us/supreme-court/supreme-court-testing-politicians-drugs Myth 3: www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2016/08/property-taxes-and-unequal-schools/497333/ www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/15/cost-of-college-degree-increase-12-fold-1120-percent-bloomberg_... www.motherjones.com/politics/2014/03/10-poverty-myths-busted Myth 4: kff.org/other/state-indicator/poverty-rate-by-raceethnicity/?currentTimeframe=0&sortModel=%7B%22c... www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2016/mar/07/bernie-s/bernie-sanders-wrong-say-when-yo... www.rawstory.com/2017/03/these-six-charts-illustrate-the-great-divide-between-rural-and-urban-ame... www.theroot.com/hey-media-white-people-are-poor-too-1790899158 Myth 5 www.amazon.com/2-00-Day-Living-Nothing-America/dp/0544303180 www.nokidhungry.org/problem/hunger-facts www.slate.com/blogs/moneybox/2015/01/05/america_s_poor_vs_the_rest_of_the_world.html www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/04/11/where-living-poor-means-dying-young/

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