Collaboration projects

Currently, there are eight Projects NCC is collaborating on with local groups.

  • The Bike Project – in partnership with the Devereux Center, NCC is facilitating a project to find and distribute used bikes to individuals needing transportation.
  • The ARK Project – in partnership with the Coos Bay School District special programs director Lisa DeSalvio, NCC has been facilitating renovations to the new meeting space for the project.
  • Q & A of Coos County (Queers and Allies) – strives to create safe spaces and build a multi-generational community of support for LGBTQ people and their allies in Coos County through bold advocacy, creative outreach, and fun activities.  NCC has worked with the group this past year to help it grow and become ready to apply for 501(c)3 status.
  • Guild After School Music Program – The Guild partnered with Boys & Girls Club and together they created a sound-proof music room where Guild participants meet on Thursday afternoons to make music. NCC provides 501(c)3 oversight for this organization and will assist with recruiting volunteers to create new music programs.
  • Homeless in Coos County – grass roots groups are working to alleviate homelessness. NCC is providing meeting facilitation and support and is sponsoring the Homeless Summit on April 14, 2017.
  • Heroin/Opiate Work Force – Headed by Chief Kappelman (North Bend Police Chief), this is a multi-agency coalition addressing the growing problem of addiction in our community. NCC is providing meeting support.
  • Restorative Justice for Youth – follows on a juvenile Victim/Offender Meeting program and is in transition as it works to offer the program directly to the youth and family upon detainment. NCC has been facilitating these organizational meetings.
  • Coos Community Hub – is a website ( for Coos County residents to share information about local events, projects, issues, good news, needs for volunteers and materials, etc. NCC is sharing information from the community on this site and helping to promote it.

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