New Community Coalition is moving forward under new leadership with a focus on collaboration among several agencies to create a shelter for Unaccompanied Minors.  For more information, contact Scott Cooper,  

Looking back, we take time to recognize some of the successes of the collective of community members.

  • Q and A of Coos County (Queers and Allies support group with ongoing activities)
  • Four nonprofit workshops sponsored by Ford Institute providing training and extraordinary interaction across sectors
  • Homeless Summit which brought together nonprofit, business, civic, government, human services in search of solutions to this endemic issue
  • Moving Forward Committee work is ongoing with monthly meetings which provide organizational structure to offer quarterly in-person updates to the community of what is happening and new projects seeking involvement
  • Comprehensive Coos County Housing Study was an outgrowth of the Homeless Summit. Community stakeholders contributed time, energy and money toward this cause.  Funds have been raised (including a grant from Oregon Community Foundation) and this project is well underway.
  • Poverty Simulation helped more than 100 people deepen their understanding of what it means to live in poverty. The program will be offered to Coos Bay School District teachers and staff and Curry County Homeless Coalition

As always, NEW COMMUNITY COALITION says “THANK YOU” for the community support that has allowed creative ideas and synergistic good works to bring to life projects and programs that will carry long into the future.

Updates on NCC’s new focus will be posted here.

For more information on specific community projects, check the Coos Community Hub (